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 LEAF COLLECTION -   Leaf Collection Ends Friday January 13th

Please make sure that your leaf piles do not have any limbs, trash or debris placed in them.  If your leaf piles contain these items, your pile will not be picked up.   Please take all  grass, branches, limbs and shrubbery to the recycle center for disposal.  These items will not be picked up because they will damage the equipment and cause safety concerns for our personnel and equipment. Only Leaves will be collected.

Thank You for your cooperation.

Please be patient, as the two crews are running their routes throughout the Township’s 31 square miles.  Once a route is completed, the crew starts at the beginning of the route again. 

Once the leaves start falling, crews may remain in neighborhoods for a greater period of time due to the enormous volume of leaves that have fallen.  The leaf collection machines can only hold a certain volume of the leaves which require frequent trips to composting facilities for recycling purposes.

All leaves must be placed at the edge of the road in front of your property.  Please make sure that your leaf piles do not have any limbs, trash or debris placed in them. The crews will not pick up your mixed piles as they will damage the leaf collection equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Public Works Department at 451-9405.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding again this year.

Collection Route 1

Collection Route 2 -  

Dec 27 Sunset Lake Road, W. Sunset Pine Drive, Holly Lane,

             Smith Drive, Pamela Drive, Shady Dell Lane,

            Cheryl Terrace, Glamar Drive, Dogwood Drive &

            North Park Drive

             Gary Plaza           

            Parkview Heights & Park Drive Extension

            Roberts Avenue, Charles Avenue & Pleasant Drive

            Cornwell Drive

             Button Mill Road

            Hood Drive, Merritt Avenue, Danny Street & Uhland Avenue

            Dawson Drive, West Dawson Drive

           Oak Hill Drive & Acorn Drive

           Granada Drive, Seville Drive, Malaga Drive & Hickory Drive

             Johns Way & Eugene Court

            Colonial Terrace

            Sentry Drive &  Patriot Lane

             Concord Court & Troy Lane

             Krista Court, Laura Court, Henry Drive &

             Jack Roberts Drive

            Quail Ridge Drive, Partridge Court & Covey Court

             Silver Brook Drive, Abbey Road & Love Lane

            Merlin Drive & Woodmont Circle

             Tunbridge Drive

             Westward Drive, Shadow Brooke Drive,

             Drake Lane, Mallard Lane & Swallow Lane

              Laurel Heights Drive



Dec 27 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Avenues

            Parsonage Road

            Deerfield Road, Hoover Road & MacArthur Drive

            Countryside Village

            Martin Drive, Lewis Lane & Davis Drive

            Highway 77 & Old Burlington Road

            Northville Road & Polk Lane

            Briarwood Lane

            Pindale Drive

            Centerton Road (540 to Big Oak Road)

           Woodruff Road (Centerton Road to Big Oak Road)

            Big Oak Road (Woodruff Road to Holly Avenue)

            Holly Avenue, Horton Avenue and Olaf Avenue

           Big Oak Road (Holly Avenue to Centerton Road)

           Husted Station Road

            Woodruff Road (Big Oak Road to Woodruff Church)

            Franmar Drive, Jericho Drive and Church Road

            Parvins Mill Road

            Landis Avenue

           Orillia Drive, Birdsall Drive and Weymouth Place

            Danna Lane

           Rosenhayn Avenue, Justin Avenue & Stewarts Lane

            Liberty Road, Victory Road and Fern Road

            South Woodruff Road (Landis Ave. to Twp Line)

            Irving Avenue

           South Centerton Road (Big Oak Road to Carlls Corner)

            Finley Road

           Grant Avenue, Hilton Avenue, North Central Avenue,

            Monroe Street, Hildreth Avenue, Carman Drive,

            Valley Avenue, Bermuda Avenue, Weston Avenue

            & Cardinal Lane

            North Highland Avenue, Rosemont Avenue,

            South Highland Avenue & Emerald Lane

            Oaklyn Avenue & Midway Avenue

            Silver Lake Road

           DuBois Road, Seeley Road

            Old Deerfield Pike